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Services and Pricing

Price is calculated on a square inch basis. Measure your quilt top from top to bottom, then from side to side. Multiply these two numbers to get the square inch total. Minimum charge of $50 (equal to 2,500 square inches) which covers my time required to load a quilt. 

For example, a quilt measuring 50 X 70 = 3500 square inches. 3500 X .02 = $70.

Thread is charged at .50 per bobbin. A queen size quilt generally requires 6 bobbins.  

I'll be happy to provide an estimate before any work is done.


All Over/Edge to Edge

Basic Quilting - .02 cents per square inch

Select this option for the most economical quilting.  



Edge to Edge with a Custom Border - .03 cents per square inch

This method uses an edge to edge pattern for all except the border of the quilt. The picture to the left is an example of a custom border.



Custom Block by Block - .08 cents per square inch

Custom quilting with individual patterns for blocks, sashes and borders. 


Additional Services

Trimming, Batting, Binding, etc.

I do not charge for trimming a quilt after it has been quilted. Some quilters choose to have their quilts return to them untrimmed, but if you would like to to trim your quilt, I'm glad to do so. 

I do have a small $5 charge for simple piecing the backing fabric with a single seam. If your quilt requires a second seam (ie: three widths of fabric) or piecing "scraps" together, this is charged at $7.50.

I can provide Quilters Dream Request at .33/linear inch or you can provide your own batting. Keep in mind, there are some types of batting that work better on my machine than others. I love the Quilters Dream batting because it is light but you still have a good amount of loft which can show off the quilting a little bit and it has excellent drape.

If you prefer a different batting, I can provide that at a 50% markup over my wholesale price.

Binding. I have four levels of binding services.

  • No binding at all - free! ;)
  • Half binding, .05/linear inch - Binding is machine stitched to the front of the quilt and then you can turn and stitch by hand or machine as you choose.
  • Machine binding, .10/linear inch - Binding is sewn to the front of the quilt and then turned and machine stitched using a decorative stitch. This is the most durable binding and appropriate for quilts that will be used, washed, and loved! :)
  • Hand-turned Binding, .30/linear inch - Binding is machine stitched to the front of the quilt and then I turn and hand stitch the binding down to the back. This is usually done for heirloom or show quality quilts.
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